This course is an introduction to the 3D modeler SolidWorks and will take you to advance level of drawing. The course will focus on parts, assemblies and drawings. Topics will include sketching in SolidWorks, creating relationships, parametric constraints, 3D tools, configurations, associative 2D part drawings, design tables, and assemblies. Solid Works: Parts and Assemblies is a project-based course and students will be required to complete a project successfully. The submitted drawing should be fully defined, dimensionally compliant, and follow proper technique.

  • The SolidWorks interface

  • Sketch planes

  • 2D sketching and constraints

  • Creating geometric relationships

  • 3D operations

Read Chapter 1 & 2
Complete questions at the end of chapter 1
Complete questions 1-6 of chapter 2
• Introduction to Solid-works
• Introduction to parts drawing
• The Solid-Works interface
• Sketch planes
• 2D sketching and constraints
Read Chapter 3 & 4
Complete questions 1-8 of chapter 3
Complete questions 1-5 of chapter 4
• 2D part modeling
• 2D sketching and editing
• Creating geometric relationships
• Part modeling
• Introduction to 3D modeling
Read Chapter 5 & 6
Complete Questions 1-9 of chapter 5
Complete Questions 4-10 of chapter 6
• 3D operations
• Hole wizard and Simple holes
• Viewing, shading, zooms and pans
• Editing sketches and feature definitions
• Using the feature manager and rollback
Review Chapter 6
Read Chapter 7
Complete question 1-10 of chapter 7
• Introduction to configuration tools
• Introduction to table design.
• Part configurations and design tables
• Creating assemblies
• Exploded assemblies
Review Chapter 7
Read Chapter 8
• Part editing in assembly
• Creating 2D orthographic drawings
• Section views, auxiliaries, enlarged
• Drawings of assemblies and Bill of Materials
Review Chapter 8
Review for Final
• Introduction to lofts and sweeps
• Introduction to Photo-Works rendering