Students learn about the IT Service Management Lifecycle and its supporting processes, functions and roles. They also discover how an integrated IT Service Management framework can be adopted within their own organization.

  • Describe Service Strategy which looks at overall business aims and expectations to ensure IT strategy maps back to them.

  • Comprehend Service Design which starts with a set of new or changed business requirements and ends with the development of a solution designed to meet the documented needs of the business.

  • Understand Service Transition which is concerned with managing change, risk & quality assurance and has an objective to implement service designs so that service operations can manage the services and infrastructure in a controlled manner.

  • Elaborate Service Operation which is concerned with business as usual activities.

  • Explain Continual Service Improvement which has an overall view of all other elements and looks for ways that the overall process and service provision can be improved.

Week-1: Read Chapters 1-2 of textbook; complete all assignment questions
Service Management as a Practice
Describe ITIL and best practices aligned with organizational goals
Define services, customers and stakeholders
Identify types of services
Differentiate between internal and external services
Define concepts of service management and IT service management
Describe IT service provider types
Comprehend processes and functions in the service lifecycle
Construct the process model
Week-2: Read Chapters 3-5 of textbook; complete all assignment questions
Understanding Service Strategy
Comprehend the service strategy stage
Demonstrate the value of services
Describe management of risk in service management
Service Strategy Processes
Define service portfolio management
Illustrate the financial management process
Describe business relationship management
Week-3: Read Chapters 6-8 of textbook; complete all assignment questions
Service Design
Comprehend the four key elements of service design
Measure major aspects of service design
Week-4: Read Chapters 9-11 of textbook; do complete all assignment questions
Service Transition and Change Management Processes
Define the scope of service transition
Illustrate the value of service transition in business
Identify the purpose of the change management process
Describe the role of change advisory board
Week-5: Read Chapter 12 of textbook; do complete all assignment questions
Continual Service Improvement (CSI)
Describe the purpose of CSI
Week-6: Read Chapter 13 of textbook; do complete all assignment questions
Comprehend the seven step improvement process
Review previous chapters